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Fiddlefox World, the ultimate destination for children's musical adventures!

Our music program brings the joy of music and cultural exploration to young learners through engaging music shows, an innovative music learning curriculum, and experiencing cultures from all around the globe.

At Fiddlefox World, children can discover the magic of melodies, rhythms, and instruments from diverse cultures while gaining a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Baby Shark and Tails of the Seven Seas​

Get ready for an ocean of fun with our upcoming show, “Baby Shark and Tails of the Seven Seas”! Dive into an underwater adventure where Baby Shark and friends embark on a thrilling musical journey. Filled with catchy tunes, vibrant animations, and interactive storytelling, this show is perfect for children and families looking to explore the wonders of the ocean. Join us for a fin-tastic experience that will have everyone dancing!

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Baby Shark and Skippy
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Coming to:

July 31 – Aug 18, 2024

August 20 – 24, 2024

Catch the Wave of Musical Magic

Join Fiddlefox and Baby Shark for an immersive musical adventure as they travel the world seeking a lost friend. Experience diverse cultures through song, magic, and story. 

Designed for children ages 1-10, audience members will participate in a choose-your-own-adventure style program, encountering friendly beasts like kangaroos, elephants, crabs, and brown bears. 

This multimedia voyage visits South Africa, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and more.

Lead performers Eldar the Magician and the award-winning Blue Violin are joined by a cast of voice actors.

Children will sing, dance, and be mesmerized by magical exploits.



Experience the World, One Song at a Time


Sing and play along with traditional folk songs in native tongues and English.


Journey into classic tales from around the world.

Curriculum Guides

Support learning with cultural activities, coloring pages, discussion topics, craft ideas, ASL interpretation, and lesson plans.

"Fiddlefox World Curriculum Guides have been a game-changer in my classroom. They are well-structured, easy to follow, and rich in content, providing a comprehensive approach to teaching music while fostering an appreciation for global cultures. My students are more engaged and excited about music than ever before!"


Chinese Heritage Songbook

Russian Heritage Songbook

Turkish Heritage Songbook

GAMBIAN Heritage Songbook

Brazilian Heritage Songbook

Australian Heritage Songbook

SOUTH KOREAN Heritage Songbook

French Heritage Songbook

Peruvian Heritage Songbook

Play-along sheet music


Momotaro: Peach Boy

Tom Tit Tot

rooster, cat and fox

Discover a magical realm where music, adventure, and cultural exploration come alive for children. At Fiddlefox World, we believe in the power of music and stories to bridge cultures and inspire young minds. Fiddlefox makes learning a joyful, immersive experience for every little explorer.


Australian Heritage Curriculum Guide

South African Heritage Curriculum Guide

Jamaican Heritage Curriculum Guide





Where Music and Culture Come to Play

Discover the magic of learning with Fiddlefox’s comprehensive range of educational materials, including music songbooks, storybooks, and curriculum guides.

  • Our music songbooks bring melodies from around the world into the classroom, fostering a love for music and cultural diversity.
  • The enchanting storybooks captivate young minds with tales that blend musical adventures with cultural exploration.
  • Our curriculum guides provide educators with structured, engaging, and easy-to-follow lessons that inspire creativity and enhance students’ understanding of music and global cultures.

online teaching resources

  • Weekly Lesson Plans for musicians and non-musicians.
  • 35+ instructional videos per country for classroom use.
  • Fiddlefox teacher training for classroom integration.
  • Introduction to music theory with our Bells and Beginners Course.
  • 72 learn-to-read sheet music videos featuring folk songs from 18 countries.

annual $189

bi-monthly $35



Easy to follow
video lessons

Sing the World with Fiddlefox


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